Working With Home Care Services To Optimize Care And Maintain Independence

There are times in your life when you may need the services of a home care provider in order to take care of basic needs. If you are injured, or your spouse needs care that you can't provide, home care services will help fill in the gaps. You want to be sure that you or your loved one gets the care they deserve, and it's important to find home care services that you can trust. If this is your first time needing services in the home, understand that most people are nervous about letting strangers in their homes to provide care.  

Understand the Role of Home Care Services

It is important to understand what the home care services provider is able to do, and what they are not able to provide as part of your services. Although you will discuss your specific needs with the provider, you will want to know the scope of services provided by the agency. When you know what to expect from your home care services, you are less likely to get frustrated with the process. 

Negotiate for Things You Need

There are times when you may need additional services in the home that your current caretaker is not able to provide. Work with the agency to determine if these additional services can be negotiated. You may need rides to appointments, which weren't in the original contract signed, or require more hours than you initially thought. If you find that the services you are receiving are not enough, reach out to the agency to see what can be done. 

Be Clear With Your Expectations

If you need help with personal grooming, let your care provider know. When cleaning the home is part of the services provided, identify any cleaning products you would like used in your home. This is a working relationship between you and the care provider, and you want both of you to feel comfortable as the care provider meets your needs. Set your expectations, and be patient as the care provider learns what routines you like to have when it comes to personal grooming, cleaning or meal preparation.

It is possible to have a great experience when you have home care services in the home, but solid communication is essential. Pay attention to what your specific needs are, and don't be afraid to ask if you need additional hours in the home to meet these needs.

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